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Home office, café or Co-working environment?

In the world there are about 375 million people working freelance, entrepreneurs or startuppers, and the greatest part of them enjoys the home coziness of their home offices or go to the local library or café where they turn no their laptops and start work online.

Some of the disadvantages of these variants of “working place”

Home office
You get behind in your work: it takes extraordinary discipline and self-control to ignore home distracters – no matter whether it will be laundry, television or another domestic task.

Work in isolation: work at home may make you feel lonely or apart from the others.

Lack of professional facade – you may have to meet clients face to face; your living room is probably not the proper place for this and will not leave good impressions in the clients.

Café/place of public entertainment
Insecure Internet connection – speed and permanent relation with public Wi-Fi cannot always be guaranteed, especially when it is free. Even if it is paid you share the place and source with others which may additionally make it slower.

Security - A public place with a great number of strangers is not the best place for your devices. It takes only several seconds of distraction on your part for your mobile phone to disappear. While using a public Wi-Fi you should also be careful about the dangers of digital theft.

Logistic problems – will you be bale to find a place when you need to establish contact? Do you take everything with you if you have to go out and make a telephone call? How many coffees or sandwiches do you have to buy so that you will not feel guilty for using the place?

Insufficient cooperation – while social contacts in a café is better as compared with isolation at home, it is very probable that you will still not have a proper feedback and stimulation which will help you solve problems with ideas considered by you.

Coworking spaces try to catch the best aspects of different work environments where freelancers perform their duties: flexibility of home office and mood in the café – uniting them with emphasis on cooperation an building up community.


TOP 10 BUSINESS ADVANTAGES of Co-working environment:

COST-EFFECTIVENESS: Low monthly costs, it will cost less than renting a standard downtown office;
FLEXIBILITY: You may rent full-time 24/7, for one day, 3 working days or a week depending on what you need;
INDEPENDENCE: contracts for periods from 3 to 6 months without additional obligations;
QUICKNESS: You sign, move in and start work the same day;
COMFORT: our office offers comfortable and new furnishing and motivating environment
NO ADDITIONAL OBLIGATIONS: We take care of cleaning and maintenance of the office, thus spending additional costs for you;
FIXED BUDGET: The monthly rent includes everything without additional taxes;
COOPERATION: Use your chance to establish contacts and cooperate with a business community on the spot, with professionals moved by ambition and desire for success;
BROADENING YOUR HORIZONS: You will easily enrich and broaden your business relations with new and useful contacts
LOCATION: Perfect location with direct transport to the centre of the town.

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